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Counselling Offered: FAQ

Behavioural Therapy (CBT, DBT)

Behavioural therapy (CBT, DBT) is based on the theory that you can ‘unlearn’ or change self-destructive or unhealthy behaviours that are having a negative impact on you, without focusing on the reason behind the original behaviour.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy helps people recognise repressed and suppressed emotions and unconscious influences that may be affecting their current behaviour. Sometimes we may find that we act in certain ways or respond to others for reasons we don’t really understand. It can help clients better understand some of their unconscious motivations that can influence how we think, feel and act.

Humanistic Therapy

Humanistic therapy follows a holistic approach, focusing on a client led self-discovery. It aims to help the client develop and understand a strong and healthy sense of self, explorations of feelings and meanings to enable the potential towards self-fulfilment.

Pluralistic Therapy

Pluralistic therapy works using all modalities to fully support the client. As a psychotherapeutic counsellor, I have been trained in the three main counselling modalities, as above. Therefore I am able to work with you and your presenting issues in understanding and working through past experiences, the present situation and emotions to plan for a more fulfilling future.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Using the outside environment can give us such benefits, it can offer relaxation, increase our physical health, support bilateral stimulation and reduce anxiety and depression.  It offers different surroundings and enables us to engage in alternative and more natural ways. The benefits of the outside environment has been echoed by the government and NHS for many years.

My Psychotherapeutic Qualification enables me to offer counselling in a pluralistic (combination of all therapies) way.  I adapt each session to the needs of the client, while always ensuring a person centred approach.

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