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Anger & Aggression Management

Why do some of us get so angry, whilst others remain calm in even the most stressful of situations? We will discuss the reasons behind anger, why we get angry, the effects it has on our mind and body and on others, and how to relieve and prevent anger through proven techniques, strategies and lifestyle choices.   This will also take into consideration our social learning, environment, and stress as contributing factors.

Anger is a secondary emotion, with primary emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety etc being major contributing factors in many cases of anger.  Together, we will look into the source of anger and work with eliminating these from our life.

Anger and aggression can easily escalate into physical violence.  

Repressing or acting on anger uncontrollably can be damaging to our mental and physical health.  A lot of what instigates anger in us can be avoided with simple life changes. 

By learning to manage our anger gives us back the control to use alternative methods to express our feelings.  Starting with controlled punching enables the client to takes ownership of their situation and manage their internal feelings.

Please note: A Consent form needs to be signed by both client and parent / caregiver before any consideration of punch bag usage.

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