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Making the decision to seek support for your child can feel overwhelming, regardless of whether it is a decision made by you for your child or your child has requested it.  Having somebody to support you, be on your side and understand how tough things have become, can feel empowering and give you the strength to start the process of overcoming your child's difficulties.

Navigating their way through life is so different to how we experienced it and as much as we try and help, sometimes children and young people may feel they simply cannot share their feelings and thoughts with those closest to them.  The pressures of growing up, fitting in, expectations from outside influences as well as their own, exams, family dynamics and anxiety to name a few can have a negative impact on the way children see themselves and their future opportunities.

I offer a safe, confidential and non judgemental space for children and young people to express themselves, vent or speak openly where perhaps they have felt unable to before.  My person centred approach enables the session to be led by them, empowering them to have the chance to explore themselves and their potential, to develop personal growth, resilience, self esteem, confidence and worth.

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