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"Janine’s sessions with my 16-year-old son have been critical in helping him manage his phobia of needles and being able to go through with a blood test requested by his doctor. Janine built a trusting relationship and was able to engage with him on his level in a kind and constructive way. She provided the reassurance he needed, went at his pace and gave him tools to manage his feelings. Janine’s efforts and dedication to find a way through and build his self-belief really made the difference."

Parent to a 16 year old

“I approached Janine to help my daughter who was struggling with anxiety and could no longer go to sleep at night on her own. From her first response I felt confident she was the right person to work with, our initial conversation, first meeting and work with my daughter was second to none and we started seeing growth and progress so quickly. My daughter looked forward to going to her sessions with Janine and could feel the benefits of her time with her even at a young age. Thank you Janine for helping our little girl find a way back to being herself again.”

Parent to a 10 year old

"When we came to Janine we were at our absolute wits end, extremely worried about our son and not knowing how to help him. At our last session I said to Janine, 'Thank you for giving us our little boy back'. That is exactly what she did. She gave us our happy, cheeky little son back and helped to free him from the worries that were crippling his mind.

Our 6 year old son choked on a piece of steak at dinner and the trauma caused him to stop eating. The only thing we could get past his lips were meal replacement shakes. He was very distressed, as were the whole family. Our previously happy son who loved his food had changed into a sad little boy who was not only worried about eating, he was also worried about the prospect of catastrophic events such as nuclear war, toxic waste spillages and other scary things that little children should not be thinking about. 

Janine was able to see us quite quickly and immediately our son was soothed by the fact that there was a professional person taking his worries seriously and had told him that she would listen to him and help him. Within a matter of weeks he was eating lots better but he was still worried about scary things happening. Janine continued to work with him, reassuring him and giving him the tools to reassure himself until he gained his confidence back. Months on, he is thriving, doing well at school and not talking about nuclear bombs or toxic waste. He is back to eating well - he doesn't want to eat steak anymore but that is totally understandable, and we respect that choice. 

Thank you, Janine, for your work with our son. I dread to think what position he would be in now if we hadn't come to you."

Parent to a 6 year old

"Thanks so much for your help with my daughter. She is a completely different child to the one you met at Christmas.  She is sleeping better, doesn't need to be with us constantly and is just so much happier.
She has so much confidence, loves herself and is willing to try new things.   She loved the play aspect of the therapy and that she was able to talk about her worries in a safe and supportive space.  My daughter was given the tools to help herself in every aspect of her life."

Parent to a 11 year old

"I can't recommend Janine enough. I took my son along to see her after he was struggling to manage a number of emotions and situations outside of his control. He had recently moved to secondary school from a very small local primary school and was finding it difficult to make friends and find his feet along with having to deal with switching between 2 parents' homes.
Janine was great with him. She earnt his trust very quickly and he quickly felt comfortable and safe with her. She helped him work through his emotions and actually recognise and understand what he was feeling.
He didn't have to sit in a chair and just talk they tended to do activities and work through things whilst engaged in building or making something. He found that a much more relaxed and less pressurised way of sorting through his thoughts. 
I've recommended Janine to other people too and all of them have said their children like going to see her and they find she helps them. That to me is one of the most important factors."

Parent to a 11 year old

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