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Walk & Talk Therapy

Using the outside environment can give us such benefits, it can offer relaxation, increase our physical health, support bilateral stimulation and reduce anxiety, stress and depression.  It offers different surroundings and enables us to engage in alternative and more natural ways. The benefits of the outside environment has been echoed by the government and NHS for many years.

The benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy include: 

Reduces Anxiety - Movement can help with decreasing anxiety a person may be feeling during a walk and talk session.  A client may feel more at ease and relaxed after engaging in an active activity while simultaneously processing their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Reduces Depression - Surveys have found that up to 71% of people taking walks in nature felt a decrease in their depressive symptoms, some even experienced an increased burst of energy afterwards.

Reduces Intrusive Thoughts - A nature walk can ground a person’s mind in the present moment, contributing to intrusive thought stopping.  The physical experience of walk and talk therapy can help to produce clarity in thinking.

Reduces Stress - Exercise is known to be a method of managing stress, therefore the physical aspect of walk and talk therapy can be beneficial to both the mind and body. 

Reduces Anger - There are many different types of anger that a person may experience. Physical activity has been shown to help with “releasing” and coping with aggression or irritation. 

Improved Emotion Regulation - Awareness of your emotions and mind-body connection helps regulate mood or emotions. Movement can encourage self-awareness and emotional awareness.

Improved Ability to Cope With Life 

 Walking can free a person from feeling stuck, it is a literal and physical way for the client to keep moving forward.

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