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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is great for improving listening, learning and communication.   It uses specific frequencies that helps our brainwaves and moves us from our normal waking consciousness into a relaxed consciousness.   It can support Mental Health Needs by relaxing and calming of the mind, rewiring our thoughts, balancing our nervous system and heightening vibrational energy.

Sound Therapy has been proven to support with:

Anxiety – By calming the emotional part of the mind so that our logical thinking can take over again, and rational decisions can be made.  It can help restore normality to the nervous system.

PTSD – Sound Therapy is effective in supporting people who have experienced a traumatic response to any situation.  It can help to remove negative association and works on retraining the response of the brain.

Sleep Problems – The calming of the emotional part of the brain settles down the nervous system.  Most insomnia is caused by stress so when stress is reduced, we can begin to sleep naturally.  Focusing on music as we sleep stops us focusing on stress.

ASD – Can stimulate cognitive function and calm the mind,  it also requires nothing from the person other than the ability to just be.

Depression – High energy vibrations can help to lift the listeners energy vibrations and stimulate the brain to produce transmitters of dopamine and serotonin.  

Behavioural concerns – Behavious are as a result of our feelings and thoughts.  Thoughts influence how we feel which influences our behaviour, which in turn reinforces our thoughts.  If we think more positively, we act more positively which will reinforce positive thoughts.  It helps us to reconnect with ourselves, rebalance the nervous system, calm our emotional mind and allow more positive thoughts to come through.

The benefits of sound therapy include:

• Physical and emotional healing

• Energy circulation restoration

• Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

• Improve sleep and relaxation

• Increase focus and productivity

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