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Supporting you to empower yourself, the power is in your belief!

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Making the decision, and taking the first steps in seeking support can feel overwhelming.  Having somebody to support you, be on your side and understand how tough things have become, can feel empowering and give you the strength to start the process of overcoming your difficulties.

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Counselling Offered

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About Wokingham Counselling Services

Child Counseling

Therapeutic Practices Offered

We Listen

A professional counsellor is a highly trained individual who is able to use a different range of counselling approaches with their clients. As a psychotherapeutic counsellor, I am able to offer, a therapeutic relationship, several different approaches and modalities to work with you and your presenting issues, within a therapeutic relationship.

We Empathise

A counsellor is able to support you to make the changes you desire to lead a more fulfilling life. I am not able to solve problems or offer any advice. I will however, listen, empathise and give you the support and environment to help you to understand yourself and your situation. When you are ready, I will be with you, to take the next steps to recovery.

We Support

Counselling through therapeutic exploration and play enables a child or young person to express, explore and make sense of events and experiences that are hard to verbalise or articulate. It is a non-directive and client-centred approach to therapy that allows the client the opportunity to play out and work through feelings and emotions within a safe and therapeutic environment.

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Supporting you to empower yourself, the power is in your belief!

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