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Creative & Play Therapy

Play therapy is a type of therapy where play and art materials are used as the main way for children to express themselves. It is particularly helpful for younger children (approx 4-11 yrs old) who may struggle to understand their feelings or find it hard to put their experiences into words.  It encourages engagement and connection on a level the child can understand and at their own pace.

Here are some key points about play therapy:

Expressive Medium: Play therapy allows children to express themselves through play within a comfortable and safe environment, providing a variety of toys that children use to act out their feelings.

Processing Emotions: Through play, children can process emotions, explore their thoughts, and work through difficult feelings, either on a conscious or unconscious level.

Building Resilience: Play therapy sessions aim to build a child’s ability to develop healthy and resilient relationships, to process experiences and work through worries that may be preoccupying them.

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