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Specific and Structured Programs

Supporting you to empower yourself, the power is in your belief!

Supporting on a one-to-one basis, within a time frame program of either 6 or 12 sessions, we can work specifically with the following presenting issues. Grounding and relaxation techniques alongside developing breathing strategies form a part of every session for all specific programmes which will support your mental wellbeing.

Specific and Structured Programs: FAQ

Exam Stress:

To be released soon.


This program helps the client to understand healthy and unhealthy anxiety, what anxiety is from a physiological and psychological perspective, what anxiety means to me, when and why I get anxious and how I can manage my anxiety better.

Bereavement and Loss:

This program enables the client to work through, understand, accept and adjust after the loss of something or through the bereavement of a significant person to them. This is through enabling the client to tell their story, express their thoughts and feelings, develop coping skills and build lasting strategies by looking to the future.

Self - Harm:

This program enables the client to understand what is self-harm and self-defeating behaviours, why and how people self-harm.  It then moves onto a five-step plan to reveal, validate, motivate, prompt and overcome self-harm through choosing healthier coping strategies. A safety and coping plan is also developed.

Managing Anger:

This program focuses on taking ownership of anger as a secondary response to a primary emotion. Understanding what anger is, how anger affects us and our perceptions, our fight, flight, freeze response, rethinking situations and handling anger constructively, all working towards developing more healthier coping strategies.

Self - Esteem:

This program supports the client to develop and understand resilience, confidence and self-esteem through security, acknowledging self-hood, understanding their own competence and affiliation through belonging.  Self esteem is strongly connected to resilience and self worth.

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